PT. Fastworld Drtv

Welcome to PT. Fastworld Drtv. We are a company that stood since 1995 engaged in industrial Food Processors, . We were in Gajah Mada No.3-5 Komp.Duta Merlin Blok D No.8-10. Discover the variety of our best products (Rumah Tangga, Alat Fitness, Accesories, Alat Kesehatan, Alat Pijat, Produk Kecantikan) with quality and the best price you can get.

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Gajah Mada No.3-5 Komp.Duta Merlin Blok D No.8-10 Jakarta Pusat
Jakarta , Indonesia

PT. Fastworld Drtv

Fastworld E-Store Is A Premium Lifestyle Which Is A Subsidiary Of Drtv Corporation (Pt Paramitra Media Perkasa), Was Established As A Company Engaged In Retail With A Delivery Service Which Supported The Latest Information Technology. Fast World Concept Was Created To Be A Means Of Online Shopping That Will Satisfy Consumer Demand For Goods Quality With Every Convenience; Easy Payment System, Without The Need For Queuing Tired, Jam-Free Because The Goods Will Be Delivered To The Consumer Destination. Our Vision Is To Always Try To Improve Your Quality Of Life By Offering A Variety Of Innovative And Quality Products That Are Accessible Through Convenient Channels Of Digital Media. Relying On Strong Professionalism, Dignity And Dotted Fulcrum In The Process, The Fast World Will Provide A Shopping Experience Different Sensations By Relying On Speed, Creativity And Reliability Of Service To Consumers. Our Commitment In Fastworld We Are Committed To Provide All Three Elements Of The Three Following To You: Security And Ease Of Transaction. We Use Reliable Payment System And Up To Date To Maintain The Security Of Every Transaction You. Responsive Service. Need Help And Explanation Of The Product? Our Customer Service Is Always Ready To Help You At All Times. Fast Delivery. We Guarantee Delivery Of Goods By The Method Of Payment Cod (Cash On Delivery) In Less Than 2 X 24-Hour Special For Jakarta Area. Our Fleet Is Always Keep The Safety And Quality Of Goods During The Trip So I Got To Yours In Good Condition.



Rumah Tangga,Alat Fitness,Accesories,Alat Kesehatan,Alat Pijat,Produk Kecantikan